Our Services

Traditional Discretionary Asset Management Mandate
Our core competence lies in integrated, global asset management. Our Discretionary Asset Management Mandate includes all services that are crucial for successful management of your wealth.
Due to our size and being free of ties to benchmark investing, we can take decisions in an efficient and fast manner if required.
Central to defining a portfolio profile, is the assessment of the individual needs and risk preferences of each client.

Advisory Mandate
We advise our clients in addressing a wide spectrum of investment requests. Differing from the Discretionary Asset Management Mandate, the Advisory Mandate is one in which the client personally makes his own investment decisions. Our Advisory Service includes professional monitoring of your investments as well as recommen­dations to, and analysis of, your portfolio. This is achieved through a continuous, proactive exchange of information, as well as updates on your investments.

Custodian banks: For both Mandates the portfolio assets are kept in custody with first class institutions, preferably Credit Suisse and Bank Vontobel AG.