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Traditional Discretionary Asset Management Mandate
Our core competence lies in integrated, global asset management. Our Discretionary Asset Management Mandate includes all services that are crucial for successful management of your wealth.
Due to our size and being free of ties to benchmark investing, we can take decisions in an efficient and fast manner if required.
Central to defining a portfolio profile, is the assessment of the individual needs and risk preferences of each client.

The Client acknowledges and agrees that he/she will place orders with EW Asset Management for the purchase and sale of financial instruments through the Execution-only portfolio exclusively without any advice, management, warning or disclosure obligations on the part of EW Asset Management and that he/she assumes full responsibility for his/her investment decisions and the risks arising there from. EW Asset Management shall forward the orders placed by the Client pursuant to this agreement to the Custodian bank for execution in the name, for the account and at the risk of the Client. For this purpose, the Client grants EW Asset Management a power of attorney limited to administrative actions vis-à-vis the Custodian bank.

Custodian banks: For both Mandates the portfolio assets are kept in custody with first class institutions, preferably Credit Suisse and Bank Vontobel AG.